Rumba y Candela
on break

Greetings from the Candela team ! Please take note that there will be no Rumba y Candela festival in 2019.
It was not an easy decision to make, but it will give the association and the team of volunteers a much-needed break and energise us for future events.

Our team, our staff

Fear not, though… Candela lives on and continues its activities!

We have a great new team of teachers for our classes this year, with a new concept, and we will continue to organise events and put all our energy into promoting Cuban music and culture.

What we like:

Something For Everyone!

We like to dance. Make the connection between origins and passion through a complex network of musical sounds.

And stay for a drink!


We like to party!

And share our passion for Cuban culture when we invite dancers and musical styles from around the world.

Come to lessons on Wednesday nights!

Good memories !

RyC, was a success, as usual!!